Layne started skating in the boom of the mid 70’s, taking it from the beach to the streets of La Costa slalom and freestyle days competing as an amateur in those days. From there it went vertical, back yard pools and the original skateparks such as Spring Valley and Oasis.

Turning Pro for the first Hester series skating for Banzai products, winning the doubles with Steve Cathey in the inaugural contest. Switching to G&S later in his career with the Dennis Martinez Flying Aces his deck of choice. Marriage and family came early and with the downturn in the industry in 1979 skating became a distant past experience. It was not until the past few years and many skate reunions that the desire to get on the board returned. Having suffered and survived a major heart attack on April 12, 2014 Layne made it a goal of his rehab to get back in the pool, taking his first tail drop at the Alex Road skatepark pool February 1st 2015. The resurrected life is a good life. There are no limitations, age is just a random number.

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