Bio as told by Doug – Born 1961 San Diego California

Skate History:

1970 is when I hit the streets on the incredible rolling board. I don’t remember how I acquired my first set of trucks and wheels, but I do remember that the trucks were Chicago and the wheels were clay.  Skateboarding for the next two years would consist of making my own wood boards, cruising around the neighborhood barefoot, and cruising up and down every sidewalk – turning in and out of every driveway in my path.

1972 is when the urethane wheel arrived. The first urethane wheels I had were still loose bearing style. I vividly remember rolling on them for the first time and the memory still makes me smile. The new wheels really opened up my skate world; now I could go places and on almost any terrain that was rideable. For the next couple of years I rode every ditch, hill, and school bank I could skate to or ride my bike to.

1975 is when pool skating was introduced to me and as much as I loved skateboarding, pool skating was like a drug. The excitement, fear, and seemingly unlimited things that would happen in a pool session had me hooked. I was so hungry and excited about skating pools that I found rides, skated, or took the bus to every pool I heard about. I was fortunate to skate historic pools like the Massage Bowl, Soul Bowl, and Kona Bowl to name a few.

1977 is when skate parks were popping up. I was lucky to have the first skate park in San Diego built one mile from my house. Movin On Skate Park was the name of the park in my neighborhood. I remember watching them build Movin On and it was a dream comes true for me. Skating at Movin On is a great memory for me. Movin On was my first sponsor and where I met and skated with new friends and all the pro skateboarders of the time.

1978-80 is when skate parks were everywhere and the level of skateboarding was improving daily. In early ‘78 I was approached by Gull Wing Trucks Company to skate professionally for them and I accepted. Spring of ‘78 the Hester series started; the Hester was the first pool contest series of all time and I’m proud to be part of that. I continued skating through the 70’s and was in several magazines, and was invited to a lot of special skating events. The 70’s was a very special time for skateboarding.

2003 to present is the rebirth of concrete skate parks. In early 2000 the concrete started to pour in San Diego and all the OG’s that had taken a break started rolling again. I currently live in Encinitas, California and skate several world class pools in the area. I am a proud member of the Old Bro Crew and enjoy representing the sport and its past. . . . . . . . . .